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Save Money with These Cable Alternatives

In home entertainment is a big part of your living experience. Maybe you’re a gamer with a state of the art surround sound system, or maybe you just enjoy the occasional quiet night with a cable sitcom. Either way, cable and internet subscriptions, gaming consoles, and big screen TVs can be costly, and tend to more »

puppy and kitten pets

Cleaning Up After Your Pet

Being a pet owner is rewarding, but comes with a lot of responsibility. Living with a pet in a rental home can also pose some challenges. Landlords are often hesitant to allow renters to bring their furry friends along when they move in because of the potential damage they can cause. Risks like carpet stains, more »


Meeting Your New Roommate

Once you’ve found your new apartment, it’s time to get to know your roommate. Sharing a living space with someone is an unpredictable and delicate situation. Roommates can become best friends, content co-habitants, or hostile enemies. Whether you’re moving in with a friend or a stranger, there are a few approaches you can take to more »

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Furnishing Your New Apartment

Furnishing your first apartment is an exciting introduction to the world of home making. Striking out on your own gives you the chance to really do things your own way. You’ve chosen the apartment, maybe a roommate, and set up all your utilities. The only thing you have left to do is pick up the more »